Lead Generation & Data Management


No doubt you will have heard about 'Big Data', but what does it actually mean? put simply, it's the collective term for the wealth of data now available to businesses and the many uses for that data.

Knowing how well your sales & marketing functions are performing is vital for any business, and to get that information you need to have strong KPI reporting.

iSolv's data reporting services will help you identify the right metrics to measure, your historic performance against these metrics and a fully customisable set of KPI reports to manage the future success of your business.

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Ever uttered the phrase "This data is a mess"?

Well you're not alone! Data inevitably gets 'dirty', the combination of time and a lack of passion for clean data means that your data quality can drop very quickly; and as your business grows - it can only get worse.

But don't worry - we are passionate about data quality and we would love to help you get your database back on track and give you the tools to manage the quality of your data in the future.

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Want to know more?

Whether you use Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, Goldmine or another CRM - our team can help you get the best ROI from your system and your teams.

We can complete a full audit of your end to end CRM process including any third party tools or systems you have linked to your CRM. Providing you with a clear plan to improve your CRM tailored towards your specific business goals.


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